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Ensemble Electra
Vicki Boeckman and Jillon Stoppels Dupree combine their acclaimed musical talents to  present recorder and harpsichord repertoire with energy, passion and exuberance.  They bring to music of all eras a playful, expressive and personal style that appeals to audiences of all ages. Their performances have been described as “brilliant and engaging … “exuberant with an authoritative flair”…. “…a personal approach to the listener…”



Vicki and Jillon are joined by violinist Tekla Cunningham to present the fabulously varied music for recorder, violin and harpsichord from the 17th and 18th centuries. The trio draws on its many years of solo experience, as well as highly-acclaimed individual reputations, to create innovative and dynamic performances. A hallmark of the ensemble is their unique programming, which often combines musical genres from seemingly disparate eras, woven together with intelligence and historic sensitivity. Their energetic, spontaneous style makes for playful and engaging concerts which appeal to audiences of all ages. Ensemble Electra also performs in schools and other institutions, and are all dedicated teachers on their respective instruments.


Recorder Duo

Vicki Boeckman & David Ohannesian

Recorder maker David Ohannesian and performing artist Vicki Boeckman join forces to present exciting and unique programs of recorder duets. The audience is lead through a garden of musical delights spanning nine centuries, each epoch with its own distinct flavor and harmony: the ethereal purity of the Middle Ages, the beauty and balance of the Renaissance, the ornamented elegance of the Baroque, and the energetic drive of our own time. David and Vicki use a variety of styles and sizes of recorders modeled after instruments from the 11th through 18th centuries, many made by David himself. They play works by Telemann, Matthias Maute, Thomas Morley, Osvaldo Lacerda o.a.


Wood'N'Flutes has delighted audiences since 1999 with their virtuosic and highly engaging performances. With an eclectic mix of styles that include Medieval melodies, Baroque sonatas, and tone paintings from the 20th and 21st centuries, they gracefully lead their audiences on a journey through an enchanted garden of aural and visual delights. They have performed all over Denmark, Germany and in many states in the USA, captivating audiences wherever they go with their exclusive mix of virtuosity, grace, wit and charm. Their unique programming and interaction with the audience appeals to listeners of all ages and interests. Audiences are often astounded at the versatility and diversity that they have to offer.

Wood'N'Flutes made its American debut in 2003, and returned by popular demand to several of the venues in 2005, 2007 and 2009. Vicki now resides in Seattle after 23 years of performing and teaching in Denmark, but the group is determined to continue playing together in spite of the challenges of geography.

For three consecutive years, Wood’N’Flutes, was chosen as one of the Danish state ensembles to perform for grades K - 6 as a part of National Educational Outreach Program. They adore performing for children and have written several short musical theatre pieces with interactive parts for children and their parents.

Wood’N’Flutes takes great pride in including works by Danish composers in their repertoire. They have commissioned and premiered several works to this end, and they have been the recipient of numerous grants for their second recording project with contemporary works by Danish composers. The CD, Woodworks, was released in July ’07 on the Da Capo lable. The trio’s first CD, Journey, recorded on the Kadanza label, has received critical acclaim in Europe and the United States.



From the Medieval and Trecento:

Danish Medieval Songs arranged by Wood'N'Flutes
  • Drømte mig en Drøm i Nat
  • Ole Skammelsøn fra Thy
  • Hr. Iver og hr. Esbern Snare
  • From the Baroque:

    Trios by
  • Telemann
  • Vivaldi
  • Purcell
  • Boismortier
  • Mattheson
  • Dornell
  • Henry the VIII
  • John Baldwine
  • Energetic and engaging works by contemporary composers:

    Matthias Maute
  • Les Barricades, a parody on Couperin’s Les Barricades Misterieuses
  • Concerto per tre Flauti
  • Rondino
  • Ciacona
  • Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk
  • Kadanza, their signature piece!
  • Bye Bye Blues
  • So Tear
  • Fulvio Caldini
  • Bagatelles
  • Irmhild Beutler
  • Uncle Knick Knack
  • Wood’N’Flutes takes great pride in including these works by Danish composers in their repertoire:

    Madrigals by Mogens Pedersøn, Truid Aagesen and Hans Brachrogge, who were highly regarded and employed at the court of King Christian the IV in the 1600s.

    Flower Songs, originally written for three modern flutes by Hans Abrahamsen. Enticed by its range of expression and multilayered complexity, Wood'N'Flutes transcribe it for recorders with permission from Abrahamsen. This is one of their favorite and most demanding pieces.

    The hauntingly beautiful Farven Blå (The Color Blue) by Hans Henrik Brandt, was originally an unaccompanied work for solo flute that the trio tastefully transcribed for their own playing pleasure.

    Fløjteskov, (Flute Forest), dedicated to Wood'N'Flutes by organist Morten Nyord, who was inspired to write for them after they performed in his church in Vordingborg. This piece calls for the players to stand in three opposite ends of a room to enable the audience to experience sounds in a forest.

    Ole Buck’s Estampie, commissioned by Wood'N'Flutes, and premiered in 2004. Written in a mesmerizing minimalistic style, Buck uses techniques that look back to the 14th century Estampie. The estampie was a popular folk song/dance that Boccacio described as “excellent for distracting evil thoughts from the decadent youth… “

    Opus 4

    Vicki Boeckman and Dorte Lester Nauta - recorders
    Mogens Rasmussen - viola da gamba
    Viggo Mangor - archlute and chamber organ

    Since its inception in 1987, Opus 4 has been one of the pillars of the Danish baroque chamber music scene. Their maturity and confidence, combined with an easy going stage presence, assures a polished performance every time.

    Opus 4 offers these programs for your enjoyment:

    Bach and his Contemporaries:

    Works from the German high baroque with focus on J. S. Bach, G.P. Telemann and G.F. Handel.

    Viva L’Italia! Long live Italy!

    Dazzling works from the early and late Italian baroque by Corelli, Castello, Frescobaldi, Cima, Zamboni, Rossi, Baldasini.

    A Musical Journey through Europe:

    The journey will wander through four centuries (ca. 1440-1770) and visit Italy, France, Holland, Germany and England. Works by Corelli, Hotteterre, Sweelinck, Handel, Purcell, a.o.